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    Yesterday Once More
    Shared :

    Anita Hamm,Director of Partnerships & Pathways of Kwantlen Polytechnic University inVancouver, Canada, who used to work at Huamei International School (HMIS) as aGifted program teacher from 2010 – 2012. She came and visited Huamei on March19th, XIONG Jia, the Chief Inspector, CHEN Xiaoying, the assistant ofPrincipal, and NIU Jingyang, the Director of International program of MS &HS, has attended the reception.


    Anita isstill well known by most of the faculty here at HMIS, she feels warmly welcomedwhen she returns the school. And she was very helpful to provide any supportwhen CHEN Feng and CHEN Xiaoying visited Vancouverin January.  Now Anita takes her businesstrip to Guangzhouand visits her second home – Huamei. CHEN Xiaoying takes this chance to meetAnita in person and express our sincerely appreciation to thank her for whatshe has contributed to the Huamei students.


    Kwantlen Polytechnic University(KPU for short) was established by the government of British Columbia in 1981. KPU offersbachelor's degrees, associate degrees, diplomas, certificates and citations inmore than 120 programs. Almost 20,000 students annually attend courses at KPUcampuses in Surrey, Richmond, Langley and Cloverdale. KPU has a strong academic andefficient admission team, and it integrates its international programs intomany famous high schools and international colleges in Guangdongprovince which has been producing fruitful outcomes. In order to meet theschool’s development and provide students more changes to learn more aboutexcellent universities in the world. HMIS is still exploring the potentialinternational program which might be able to be cooperated with KPU and otherswell known institutions. CHEN Xiaoying has a long conversation with Anita todiscuss with the possible cooperation between HMIS and KPU, and hopefully therewill be a green path built up soon. The Huamei Bond International College hassent students to KPU to study a Bachelor degree as well, we have severalstudents has been accepted by KPU this year, and Ms. Isabel CHAN, theAdmissions Coordinator of KPU,  is comingon the 22nd of March, to conduct the interview and collect students’documents. Based on the experiences running international program in Huamei, webelieve that our cooperation with KPU will produce great outcome in the future.


    After themeeting, CHEN Xiaoying invited Anita for lunch, and ordered most of herfavorite food which made her feel like “Yesterday Once more”. We all wish Anitagood luck with her future in KPU, and we are looking forward to seeing heragain in the future.

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