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    Build Friendship, Reach Cooperation
    Shared :

    ---Record of the FriendlySister Sino-Canadian School- Bodwell High School Representative visits HMIS


    On March 8th of 2016, Mr. Fu, therepresentative of our friendly sister Canadian school ---Bodwell High School,came and visited our school. It’s the first time BodwellHigh School representative visited Huamei Schoolafter our Principal, Mr. Chen Feng and Principal Assistant, Ms. Chen Xiaoyingvisited Canada and signedthe friendly school agreement with Bodwell High School in January,2016. This visit aimed at emphasizing both schools’ administration teams’communication and building directly connection so as to explore the possible cooperationbetween two school,  meanwhile exchangethe ideas on the management of boarding school and development of internationalcurriculum.


    At 10 am, Mr. Fu was showedto have a campus tour by Mr. Jiang, the Director of International ExchangeOffice. He gave a brief introduction of the school history, curriculum,featured programs and administration structure to him. After that, we have arrangeda meeting among Ms. Chen Xiaoying (Principal Assistant), Mr. Zhang Wen (MiddleSchool Principal), Mr. Niu Jingyang (Director of International curriculum ofMiddle School) and Ms. Chen Xin (Director of Students Overseas Study Office of HBIC) with Mr. Fu.


    In the meeting, Mr. Fu introducedBodwell High School to HM administration team.We have learnt that Bodwell High School is a private boardingHigh School. Its range from Grade 8-12 with a current enrollment of 530students, and it follows the Canadian curriculum which is 3 terms per year. Exceptthe local students, majority are international students from all over the worldwhile 50% are Chinese students.


    Mr. Zhang Wen asked Mr. Furelevant questions regarding the education system of Canadian High schooland University, and his opinions and experiences sharing of advanced westerneducation theory, teaching method, selective class arrangement and teacherresource allocation, etc. Mr. Zhang hopes we can learn from and absorb thewestern advanced and excellent experience to improve school Gaokao system inorder to let the students not only gain high score in academic studies, butalso fully develop in others aspects include arts, sports, and mentality etc,. Mr.Fu shared his opinions and gave some pertinent suggestions to us. He also mentioned thatextra curriculum activities, like school clubs, social connection andcontributions, are very important elements for students’ future universityapplication.


    At last, Mr. Fu stressed that he felt impressed thatour faculty are really doing a great job to maintain a boarding school whichcontains more than 3000 students living and studying here. He’s curious aboutour school students’ life care experience and hope learn some from us. Huamei Schoolis a private boarding school which has 22 years history, and in which we have aspecific department – Student Life Care Dept., in which we have instructors,and dorm teachers to supervise students’ life and provide mental care round theclock.


    After the meeting, Mr. ChenFeng (Principal of HMIS) met Mr. Fu and expressed his sincere appreciation tohis visit, and hopes both schools could have further communications andcooperation in the near future.

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