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    International Teacher Representative Speech of the 2016-2017 School Year
    Shared :

    Good Evening friends and colleagues,


    For those who don’t know me my name is Mr. Lake I am the GIA international Programs PE Teacher, and for those who do know me thanks for being here today and listening to my speech about my time at Huamei International School.


    This is now my second year here at Huamei International School and I would be lying if I said it was an easy teaching journey, my time so far at Huamei has really challenged my own skills both teaching and socially, making me the teacher I am today. I am grateful for the support that I have had from my friends and colleagues and it’s vital to not feel alone or overwhelmed in a new school or environment.


    I have been wanting to be a Physical Education teacher ever since I didn’t make it as a footballer back in 2007, I have a real passion for sports and of course I really love playing sports and sharing my skills with others, so I decided that the best path would be to put both skills into practice and become a PE Teacher.


    I spent 3 years studying at the University of TEESSIDE, where I learnt to find myself and path to becoming a Teacher, Since I graduated from England I have worked in 5 different schools, most recent being ‘The British School of Guangzhou’ where I did my ‘in class room management course’ so I could be practical both inside and outside the classroom. The British School gave me the tools and helped me find my own teaching methodology and believe in myself.


    I have learnt that whatever school I am at I really enjoy spending my free time playing and learning with students and learning about the students through sports. I am a big believer that learning starts outside, from a walk to school to a playing in the park with your friends.  I enjoy my job because I get to play with the kids and break down sports and activities into bite-size chunks so the students at any age can digest and really learn to love sports and show a high level of ‘love for learning’ – some skills such as ‘ self-confidence, balance, communication, coordination, leadership, honesty and creativity can be used inside the classroom too – as you can see we as a school are all linked and together build a bright future for the students.


    Those who cant do, teach and those who cant teach, teach PE.




    I have had an amazing journey at Huamei School, being able to have the freedom by Principle Jane and GIA Coordinator Jon Tragash to create, develop and deliver a PE course which has been the greatest achievement to date for me, to say I have created the PE program gives me a sense of achievement and belief from the school. I have had amazing feedback from Teachers, students and even parents about this PE class / curriculum. This brings me great joy and helps me believe that Huamei is the right choice for me and I’m taking huge step in the right direction. I have had my highs and lows in this school, but I mean who hasn’t, but having the drive and self will to get back on track and deliver a class where all the kids are excited and chanting your name down the corridor and wanting to hug you or high 5 you – really reminds me why I came into teaching in the first place  ‘to make a difference’


    Over the past year Huamei School have become an ever-growing sports school, with students being able to participate outside of school and inviting other International schools here to compete in sports event. Last year we invited the Canadian International School to Huamei for a football competition to where our U12s boys were the winners and our U12 girls gave their best and got the chance to represent their school. This is what School is all about showing the students that it’s not all about books and exams but there is a chance to dream big and have the ability and capability to compete in sports outside the school. We have such an exciting school where each year we grow bigger and have more interest, being the only PE teacher I get the chance and the honor of working with all the students and I can honestly say we have some really talented students. 


    Its true, I am always excited to go to class and seek out the next superstar but I know its not the case, we are educators, so our job is to be a educating safety net, a go 2 guy or big brother as you wish, someone who is in school to show them that learning can be fun, interesting and exciting but also with the understand of don’t be afraid if you have a problem and cant do it – this is why we are here. Last year I have maybe 80% of my students who told me they couldn’t do something or didn’t know how to do something – I took that as a chance to be the ‘hero’ – the chance to bring something new into their lives and see the happiness and the smiling faces.


    I am always looking to create relationships with other members of staff and last year I really enjoyed making friends and great rapport with the Chinese PE Teachers, playing football together and playing against the students. We are lucky to have BOND Canadian high school here too, last year I got the chance to meet and work with BOND PE TEACHERS Mr. Obrien who has left now and JINGBO, plus Mr. Pellend the previous principle watched my class and told me I had a bright future – we are one team and I look forward to meeting you all and making some new friends – after all, we are all here for the same reason –


    Giving each student the future they deserve.


    Thank you!


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