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    Farewell! Our lovely Indonesian Exchange Students
    Shared :

    On Dec 23rd, we have successfully held an Indonesian Culture Exchange Closing Ceremony, which was a conclusion andfarewell event for 17 teachers and students who are from the Frateran Catholic High School, Indonesia,  for 2-weekculture exchange program in Huamei School.


    The closing ceremony was organized andarranged by the International Exchange Office who is the responsible for conductingthis 2-week Indonesian student culture exchange program, which as a review andfarewell ceremony for all of us. There are more than 100 teachers and students from our school, as well as a 80-principal delegations from Indonesia have attended the closing ceremony.


    The ceremony contained 4 parts. Firstly, we invited our school principal Mr. Chen to give a speech. He showed his sincere welcome and grateful for the Indonesian students and teachers. It was happy to see all of them having class and culture experience in Huamei school, which was a great opportunity for both schools enhance intercultural communication. Meanwhile, he showed his appreciation to all the Indonesian students for their amazing performance in the yearly Christmas party on the 22ndof December, which has brought us a lot of joy and Indonesian culture experience.Hope both schools could have much more academic and culture exchange programsinteraction in the near future. After that, we invited Mr. Su Xianyuan, from Yongchun Chinese Language Center to give us asummary speech of the 2-week experience. He showed his great thankfulness andadmiration to Huamei school for helping and organizing the culture exchangeprogram for all the Indonesian students. For them, it was a great opportunityto experience Huamei courses and Chinese culture in these 2 weeks, which was alsoa great opportunity to experience the international education. Last, they alllook forward to seeing and receiving Huamei school’s 6 exchange students’ visit in February ,2017.


    After the formalspeech from both schools, we had a program conclusion part, which was presentedby the International Exchange Office, 5 Indonesian students and Huamei exchangestudent representative. This part helped us to review the program and share the happiness moments with each other.


    Thirdly, it wasthe show time, all the performances were performed by Indonesian students andour school students. The wushu show was amazing and meaningful which was leadedby our wushu teacher Mr. Lin Anming. It enabled us to see what they have gainedwhile they were staying at Huamei. They did a job as well. When Huameistudents, our international class students, met with Indonesian students, who brought us a visual and auditory enjoyment.


    Last but not least, we invited our school principals to exchange gifts and present program certificate for Indonesian students. This is key point and also a mile stone forboth schools, we all wish both schools further cooperation could start from the culture exchange program so as to expand more and more exchange opportunities and programs in the future. Also, wish our friendship last long!


    It was coincident to have the Indonesian school principal delegations to meet us at the same time, so we have invited them to attend our closing ceremony. They thought highly about our both schools’ culture exchange program, and they would like to learn from us, hope to have culture experience program with Huamei school in the future.


    We couldn’t run the 2- week culture exchange program successfully without the supports from different school divisions and departments. They have made lots of efforts and contributions to take care of them, provide necessary help and guidance, which make the Indonesian students adapt at a new environment quickly and feel like home at Huamei School. Hope all the Indonesian students have a wonderful and memorable experience in Huamei School, and look forward to seeing them again in Huamei School in the future. And wish our school 6 students have a meaningful and rich experience in Indonesian school in February of 2017.

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