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    Announcement of Job Openings (2017-2018 School Year)
    Shared :

    Wehave limited number of American course program teaching positions availablebeginning from September, 2017.


    Introductionof Our School

    Guangzhou Huamei International School,founded in 1993 by a group of returned overseas Chinese scholars from Canada. Accreditedby the Chinese governmental education departments, our school now ranks one ofthe best private boarding schools in Guangdong Province.


    Weprovide professional education programs ranging from kindergarten to Grade12(K-12):  Kindergarten, Elementary School (Grade 1 through 6), and theSecondary School (Grade 7 through 12).


    Currently,we have about 300 professional teachers, including nearly 50 internationalteachers from America,Canada, Britain,Australia,Germany, etc.


    Locatedin Londong, Tianhe District (the newest and most thriving regionin Guangzhou), covering 18 hectares of beautiful campus, Huamei is awell-known and historic international private boarding school with greatlocation with enjoyable natural attractions and beautiful campus, surrounded byabundant trees and flowers. It offers an ideal place for students to explorethe great educational opportunities, and for teachers to proceed theirprofessional career in the multi-cultural environment.


    InternationalTeacher Employment Information(2017-2018 school year)




    l        Native English speakerfrom USA, Canada, UK and Australia are preferable.

    l        Bachelor degree or above, teaching certificates are necessary *

    l        Background insubjects including but not limited to math, physics, chemistry, biology, IT,English literature, social studies, business, etc. *

    l        Teaching experienceabove 2 years is preferable.

    l        Good command ofcommunication skill

    l        Passion for teaching and experiencingdifferent cultures

    l        Good health and friendly personality


    2. Salary:


    l        Salary scales for program teachers arebased on teachers’ educational background and work experience as bellow: 

       250000RMB/year(before tax ) as starting point and 10000RMB/year (before tax) added with theincrease of work experience/year. The maximum salary is 290000RMB/year (beforetax).

    l        The contract is 12 months among which workmonths are little less than 10 months, 2 months are holiday months.


    3.  Benefits


    l        Work Visa and Residence Permit: The schoolwill arrange work visa and residence permit for the teacher. 

    l        Medical Insurance: The school offers PingAn Health Group Medical Insurance.  

    l        Airfare: To reimburse 2000 US dollars forthe teacher’s economy class round trip airplane ticket upon completion of thecontract. 

    l        Housing Accommodation: The School willprovide a furnished apartment with furniture and appliances. From thecontinuous second contract year, the school can offer renting allowance.

    l        Teaching Bonus: Range from RMB 2000-7000based on teaching evaluation results at the end of school year


    4.  Workload


    l        30 teaching periods (40 minutes per period)are the full weekly workloads (from Monday to Friday, except for holidays).

    l        Work in the office for at least two hoursper day Monday through Friday.


    5.  PersonalDocuments Requirements


     Please provide thecopies of documents as follows:

    l        Photocopy of passport

    l        Recent photo

    l        Resume in word format

    l        New reference letters with referrer’scontact information*

    l        Educational certificates copies*

    l     Teachingcertificate *


    Ifyou are interested in the above positions, kindly pls. contact:

    Ms.Jocelyn Wei (HR Dept.)


    TEL:0086-20- 87210053   


    Website: http://www.hm163.com



    School Address: No.23, Huamei Road, Londong, Tianhe District, GuangzhouHuamei International School, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, P.R. China, 510520
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    Add : Guangzhou Huamei International School,No. 23, Huamei Road,  Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China 510520
    Tel : 0086-20-87210178/87210585
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