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    PRC International Schools First Track and Field Competition
    Shared :

    6th May 2017(Saturday)

    Written by Mr. Lake (Teacher of Physical Education)


    Sports Report


    Saturday 6thMay, Huamei International School had the great honour of hosting the first ever Middle School / High School PRC Track and Field event. Utaloy and BSG were using GHIS (Guangzhou Huamei International School) track to have a competition where Mr. Lake was working alongside 2 highly rated and recognized International Schools in Guangzhou.


    Huamei International School (GIA Program) were allowed to enter a team into this event as we were named as “the hosts’. So GIA Middle School students were able to compete and show the other competing schools our talents and what we can produce.  James Su (Grade 8 GIA) was the team captain and took on full responsibility of choosing the students to compete both girls and boys from Grade 7-9.


    It was a fantastic day and the students really worked hard and gave it everything they had. The weather was extremely hot, and the other 5 competing schools had many talented students from Grades 6-11. The students from the GIA program were amazing and really did themselves and their school proud.  There were many events going on throughout the day and medals were being won and lost in all events. Track events such as;100m, 200m, 400m, 800m,1500m, 3000m, 4x100m followed by throwing events and jumping events;Shot put, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, High Jump and Triple Jump.


    Mr. Zeng (Middle School Girls PE Teacher) was at the field supporting Mr. Lake and helping the students with their events, which was a real help. Having this event at Huamei has created 5 new partnerships between schools; this is really beneficial for the future of sports in the GIA program. Mr. Lake has constantly worked hard with the students and helping them compete in different sporting events and pushing the students to show off their talents and help them to compete and enhance their performances and increase their confidence.




    We have a number of students compete: (BOYS) James Su, Vincent Su, Hanson He, Steve Sun,Kaiden Zou, Peter Zhang, Jason Li, Owen Chen, Eric Ga, Marco Ruan, Simon Wangand Tony Wang. (GIRLS)Winnie Fu, Ursula Zeng, Lily Yang, Angelina He and Stella Zheng.


    Between these students they (as a team) managed to win and receive 18 medals from Gold to Bronze. Excellent!  All the students worked hard, and never game up and continued to run hard to the finish and jumpand throw to their best abilities.


    It was amazing as a Teacher to see the passion these kids have for competing, supporting each other and never giving up. Shouting, Cheering and giving each other confidence during the events that were taking place. The Middle School GIA students set such a great example by behaving well and acting appropriately and helping the other schools with their questions and queries.  The GIA Middle School have been asked to join the PRC International sports setup next year and have been asked to host this same event again next year. This is a huge honour for our school and a big special thanks to the students.


    This was nothing to do with Mr. Lake this was all down to the sheer excellence of the students and how dedicated they were, how positive they were and how much they enjoyed competing against other international Schools. BSG and Utaloy both came to me (Mr. Lake) and said that our students are real role models and assets tothe school, by caring and showing how very talented they are. They said our boys 4x100m relayteam as the fastest to date but despite the DQ we should not give up but continue to work hard and enter more running competitions.  The boys relay team ran a 51 second 4x100m race. This is incredible.


    Schools that were competing against Huamei were:

    BSG – British Schoolof Guangzhou

    SIS – Shekou International School of Shenzhen

    DZIS - Dulwich International School of Zhuhai

    UISG – Utaloy International School of Guangzhou

    NCPA – International School of Shenzhen




    Medals WON: -

    Gold – 5 medals

    Silver – 8 Medals

    Bronze - 5 Medals



    So again I want to thank the students for an excellent day and I really want other students to see that they are role models and set an amazing example for sport here at Huamei International School. 


    Middle School Admin Team and directors should be so proud and make special thanks in an assembly or in person and reward them deeply. As the GIA PE Teacher I am so proud.




    200m silver: –Ursula Zeng

    400m silver: -Lily Yang

    High Jump Silver – Lily Yang

    4x100m Bronze – Ursula Zeng, Winnie Fu,Angelina He and Stella Zheng



    100m bronze: –Vincent Su

    200m silver: –James Su

    400m gold: - OwenChen

    400m silver: -Peter Zhang

    400m bronze: -Jason Lee

    800m gold: -Jason Lee

    3000m gold: -Kaiden Zou

    Shot put gold: - James Su

    Shot put silver:- Eric Ga

    Discus silver: - James Su

    Javelin gold:- Eric Ga

    Javelin bronze: - Hanson He

    Triple Jump silver: - Vincent Su

    High Jump bronze: - Vincent Su


    Outstanding Performers:

    Girls –Ursula Zeng

    Boys – James Su


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