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    Brazil Objective Sorocaba Portal da Colina School representatives visited Guangzhou Huamei International School
    Shared :

    On Thursday, April 25th, 2019,representatives from Objective Sorocaba Portal da Colina School, which is a GIA affiliate school in Brazil, visited Guangzhou Huamei International School (HMIS)for discussing potential cooperation opportunities. Ms. Serene Chen, English and International Program director and assistant Principal. Tragash Jonathan David, the director of GIA Program, Ms. Ruyi Zeng, the director of International Exchange Office and Mr. Wei Tao, the General Principal's assistant attended the meeting. During the meeting, Ana Luiza from Objective Sorocaba Portal da Colina Schoolgave a brief introduction of the curriculum of the school and expressed theintention to set up exchange program between the two schools.


    After the meeting, the representatives fromObjective Sorocaba Portal da Colina School had a tour of HMIS campus andobserved a few classes of the GIA program with the accompany of Mr. Wei Tao .We are looking forward to the future cooperation between the two schools.

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