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    German Art at Huamei School
    Shared :

    On 19th December 2016, our German class of grade 7 received a special visitor from Germany. Mr. Robert Eysoldt gave a workshop for our German students. The workshop is a part of his global project “Farbwerte”. Mr. Eysoldt is the founder of “Farbwerte”, the project office for black-red-golden affairs, that deals with German identity and its respective forms. He was invited by the German General Consulate of Guangzhou,which cooperated with Huamei School, to bring this amazing experience to our school.


    Mr. Eysoldt introduced the project and the meaning of the three colors (black, red, gold) of the German national flag to our students.

    The students were very interested in all he had to tell and were impressed by how creative Germans and German language learners expressed themselves by using those colors.


    As part of the workshop, Mr. Eysoldt tasked the students with writing a letter to Germany and illustrating the letter in the way they want, in order to express their thoughts and feelings about Germany.


    The students of grade 7 class 1 put great effort into their work for several hours. While accomplishing their task they also used the time to ask their teachers and Mr. Eysoldt many questions about Germany, the culture, the people and etc.


    Our students were very excited about this opportunity and enjoyed the workshop a lot.

    4 selected works of our students are currently displayed at the German Consulate General of Guangzhou, for which we feel honored.

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