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    DSD-Program at Guangzhou Huamei International School
    Shared :

    Guangzhou Huamei International School is proud to have been selected by the Federal Republic of Germany as one of the only four schools in the Southeast of China to offer the DSD-Program.[1]


    The German Federal Republic is keen on sharing its language, culture, traditions and values with people from all around the world.The DSD-Program is a state sponsored initiative which teaches young learners the German language at the respective national schools. All across the globe,schools were carefully selected to offer the DSD-Program. The award for successful DSD-participants is the opportunity to study in Germany without having to pay tuition fees. Only recipients of the DSD-Diploma(s) are allowed to study in Germany, therefore the DSD-Program at the Huamei International School provides its students with the chance to refine their studies aboard and to earn bachelor’s or even master’s degrees. Germany is not only known for its rich culture and strong technological sector, but in particular its universities are widely respected internationally.


    There are two DSD-Program diplomas which can be obtained: Holders of the DSD-I-Diploma can participate in a test for a spot at a German Studienkolleg. If they pass this test, the students will receive an invitation to join a German Studienkolleg for one year to further improve their knowledge of the German language. After this year, the students can join the German university that they have chosen to study at. This step will guarantee that the students will succeed in their studies. Recipients of the DSD-II-Diploma can freely choose any university in Germany. Both diplomas can be earned at Guangzhou Huamei International School,and the only other thing they need do is to focus on Chinese university entrance examination preparation, for the German government well recognizes Chinese educational quality.

    The DSD-Program starts in grade 7. Most often, the DSD-I-Diploma is obtained in grade 9 and the DSD-II-Diploma in grade 11. However, it doesn’t matter, if – for example – the DSD-I-Diplomais obtained in grade 12. The students are still eligible to take the German Studienkolleg test. Guangzhou Huamei International School isspecial in this regard because it offers a Pre-DSD-German starting in grade 4,which enables the students to get a head start when they enter the DSD-Programin grade 7. Meanwhile, having a pre-knowledge in German is not a prerequisite to enter the DSD-Program in grade 7. The classes will be taught based on the students’ prior knowledge of the German language. Additionally, the class sizeis held small to no more than 25 students per class to cater for the individual students’ needs.     


    Currently, there are two native German teachers as well as two Chinese German teachers at Guangzhou Huamei International School.The consultant sent by the German Government conducts the training of the teachers and ensures that the students in the program achieve the necessary language skills to succeed in the DSD-Program. Furthermore, Guangzhou Huamei International School maintains a partnership with a German high school in Bayreuth, Bavaria which enables students of both countries to partake inexchange activities. Finally, the school has a cooperation with the University of Cologne,and the University sends German teachers to Huamei to teach the program students every year.


    All in all, the DSD-Program at Huamei International School has a lot to offer to the program students:


    (1) the opportunity to study in Germanuniversities without paying tuition fees in the future,


    (2) the chance to go on an exchange to Bayreuth, Germany.

    [1] DSD = Deutsches Sprachdiplom = German Language Diploma

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