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    Introduction to the Division: About Us 2018-2019
    Shared :


    Since its foundation, Huamei School has attracted plenty of overseas students to study English and Chinese. With the swift economic development and rise of China in the world political arena, there has been a sharp increase in the desire to learn Chinese. In order to meet the needs of international students to learn Chinese language and understand Chinese culture while maintaining and proceeding with their English, Huamei School set up two international classes in primary school in 2004 and the secondary school began this program one year later. On the other hand, there have been for a decade since the secondary section provided customized programs and curricula to non-(mainland) Chinese students to prepare for the specialized Chinese university admission examinations.


    Based on these two streams of programs, in 2016, Huamei School established the International students’ Division to further achieve the school mission of “Integrating eastern and western educational ethos, to cultivate Chinese modern elites”. It includes Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan classes and international students’ classes aiming to provide professional, systematic, and well designed curriculum and activities based on the educational philosophy of “adapting for the changing future, creating a better world”. The international students program prepares international students with no or little foundation in the Chinese language to study in the mainstream Chinese classes. It provides tailor-made Chinese, English and math curricula to students of varied levels, experiential subject classes and selective interest development courses. To our satisfaction, many students without any understanding of Chinese at the beginning become able to adequately communicate in Chinese after one year of study. In the meantime, their English and math, the other two core courses enable them to keep up their level-appropriate academic progress. Thus, more and more international students and their parents show great interest in this program.


    Each spring and fall semester, any international student is welcome to join Huamei international school.


    5.1  International Students Chinese Bridging Classes (One school year) 


    Target students:

    -  Students under 8 years old will be directly put into the regular Chinese students class, in consideration of their fast learning and acquisition of the second language.

    -  Students over 8 years old will be put into the International students Chinese Bridging Class.



    1. Develop students’ excellence and skills. Nurture students’ health, elegance, knowledge and unique personalities.

    2. Improve students' Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills while maintaining their English priority so as to develop their Chinese and English skills simultaneously.

    3. Improve students’ level-appropriate math skills.


      Course of study:

    Core courses

    Level-appropriate Chinese, English, Mathematics

    Experiential subject courses

    Age-appropriate subject classes auditing

    Skill-based courses

    Computer, PE, Music, Painting, etc.

    Elective courses

    Reading, Calligraphy, Martial Arts, Golf, Robot Class, etc.


    Chinese Culture Course and Field Trips


    Students will receive the tutoring classes to improve their academic results.


    Completion of the program:

    - When the student from the Primary Section completes the 1 year study and has reached the appropriate level set by the school division, he/she will be able to transfer to regular Chinese classes or International program.

    - When the student from the Secondary Section completes at least 1 year study and has passed HSK level 4, he/she will be able to transfer to regular Chinese classes or International program.


    Faculty and Staff:

    The Team is composed of professional teachers of the Chinese language, native English-speaking English/GIA teachers and experienced Chinese English teachers, teachers of other subjects, and care-taking personnel.



    5.2 Regular Chinese Education Program and University Prep-program for Non- (mainland) Chinese Students (incl. foreign & Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Students)

    In the Junior High School, it aims to provide students with fundamental skills to adapt for the changing future. The students will not only attend the usual Chinese standard curriculum courses, but also receive featured curriculum to improve their academic skills and further develop their potentials.


    In the High school, students will be enrolled into a specialized class to ensure their study of featured curriculum such as reading, calligraphy, computer, golf, etc. Students will also receive the tutoring classes to improve their academic result. In grade 12, students will have a systematical review of their knowledge based on their university admission test format with the objective to help them enter the top 100 universities in China and overseas.


    5.3 International Program for Non- (mainland) Chinese Students (incl. foreign & Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Students)


    It offers bilingual American Griggs International Academy (GIA) program from grade 1 to 9, Sino-Canadian Double diploma Program from grade 10 to 12 and AP/CIS Program from grade 10 to 12, which provide internationally accepted educational programs for students around the world from preschool through university. The programs provided are adaptable to individual learner’s needs and intercultural curriculum. The faculty and staff are committed to inspiring students to achieve a high standard of academic excellence.



    Featured Thematic Activities:

    The international students’ division provides various students activities, such as the reading festival, Chinese cultural trips, Chinese karaoke competition and cooking festivals to not only enable students to experience the Chinese culture, but also increase their understanding to the whole world.


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