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    What Gia Students Learn in First Grade?
    Shared :

    What Gia Students Learn in First Grade?

    Second Semester has started for about one month and 1st graders of Gia program have many fun and new things to learn about. In the first week, students reviewed many of the topics and songs they had learned the previous semester. It is important to regularly review materials learned previously. By using the sentences patterns: I went to…/I stayed in …, they played games and talked about where they went on vacation. Students are excited to share and communicate.



    Along with Language Arts the students are also getting lessons in Science and Social Studies.


    In language arts lesson, student learn about what makes a sentence. They learned that every sentence begins with a capital letter (upper case) and ends with an end mark (period. exclamation mark! question mark?) Sentences have a noun (a naming part) and a verb (the telling part) and that a sentence must be a complete thought. Students played games about putting words in order to make a correct sentence.



    In science lesson, we created a chart to list the different living things (people/animals/plants) and nonliving things. Students learned that all living things need 4 things to survive (food, water, shelter, air). We listened and sang a song about these 4 things. Apart from that, students also used Play Dough to create small habitats for animals and talked about carnivores and herbivores.



    In Social Studies lesson, students learned that in a classroom we have many jobs. We talked about different kinds of helpers and why it is important to help others. Students practiced asking each other, “Are you okay? Do you need help?” Through the course, students learn to help each other.



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