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    Principal's Address
    Shared :

    Stay True to the Mission, Move Ahead with Determination

    -Speech for the 25th School Anniversary Celebration Ceremony

    Chen Feng

    Dear President Tao Xiping, Dr. Zhang Keqiang, distinguished guests, alumni, teachers and students:


    Good morning!


    2018 is another milestone year for China’s Reform and Open Policy being in place for 40 years, when Huamei has also been successfully running for 25 years, a quarter of the century that the founders set for the school to grow into an elite educational institute. Today, I would like to express heartful thanks to our staff and faculty at Huamei, distinguished leaders and guests, alumni who have been continuously supporting us over the past 25 years. Thank you all!   


    While the celebration was drawing near, we have received countless commemorative articles and  blessings from all over the world. In this way, every school anniversary has become more than just a symbol, it’s considered as the carnival for people who are connected to Huamei, including those who dedicated their lives working here and experienced their learning and growth here, as well as those who are concerned about Huamei and provide valuable support to us.


    Looking back to the whole path we’ve walked on, staff and faculty at Huamei have always been holding tight to the prosperity of the Non-governmental Education in China. Built on the barren land 25 years ago, our campus is now known for its green and vitality. Rewarded as the Advanced Educational Collective in Guangzhou, Municipal International Featured School, Provincial-Level School, National Advanced Private School, Huamei is burgeoning with the aim of the Best Private School in Southern China.


    Looking back to the extraordinary path that we’ve walked on, a spirit has been abidingly guiding us towards the right direction. The school motto of “Practicing Integrity, Exercising Philanthropy, Pursuing Virtue, Seeking Truth” was penetrating into Huamei’s blood which contributed to what we have achieved today.


    As a market-oriented Internationalized private school, it’s hard to say 25-years-old Huamei is still young. However, aiming at a centennial elite school, we are so proud to be on our mid 20s with endless vitality. Shouldered on important mission of promoting the Non-governmental Education in China, it left us no choice but innovation. Huamei, as the symbolical private school in Guangzhou, we are going to make greater contribution in the new era.


    As Chairman Xi Jinping put it, the dream of the great rejuvenation of our nation will come true in the foreseeable future. Huamei will also hold tight to our beginner’s mind of “Integrating eastern and western educational ethos, nurturing Chinese modern elites”, be motivated by the mission of “Reform, Innovation, Development”, inherit the gene of “ Adapting for the changing future, contributing to a better world”, pursue the dream of “the Best Private School in Southern China”, and then make a difference for the undertakings of the Non-governmental education in China.


    Youthful Huamei, let’s embrace the infinite possibilities in the future!

    Youthful Huamei, let the Huamei dream resonate with China Dream in the same frequency!


    We believe that a more vigorous Huamei will be seen with continuous support from our distinguished guests and friends, and joint efforts by our staff and faculty, parents and students!


    Thank you all!

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